KWF grant for research on Post Partum Breast Cancer - 8/09/2017

Recently we received a KWF grant (Dutch Cancer Society) to further expand the research on Post Partum Breast Cancer. 

Brief description of this research:

Breast cancers occurring 1-2 years postpartum (PPBC) are associated with an increased risk for metastasis and death, compared to nulliparous (non-PrBC) or pregnant (PrBC) patients. The (immuno)biology of PPBC is poorly understood and, hence, it is unknown why PPBC is associated with a poor prognosis. Prior research in rodents postulated that the involution process, whereby the lactating gland remodels to its pre-pregnant state, causes or contributes to the aggressive behavior of PPBC. We aim to elucidate whether PPBC, diagnosed during mammary gland involution (PPBC-inv), has different clinicopathological, molecular and immunological features when compared to non-PrBC, PrBC and PPBC diagnosed during lactation (PPBC-lac).