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Study: Prgenant women with cancer can be treated without harming fetus

The Guardian (Sept 2015)

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Study offers support for cancer

The New York Times (Sept 2015)

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Frederic Amant: building the evidence base for saving mother and child (jul 2015)

HM The Queen of Belgium visits the International Symposium in Louvain (Dutch)
De Redactie - VRT Nieuws (feb 2015)

HM The Queen of Belgium visits the International Symposium in Louvain (Dutch)
VTM Nieuws (feb 2015)

Le-cancer-de-la-future-maman-se-soigne-sans-nuire-au-bebe (Français)
Le Soir (sep 2014)

Interview by Mina Mhallem (Français, starting at 31:46)
RTL Television (sep 2014)

Interview RTBF by Mina Mhallem (Français, starting at 08:40)
RBTF Television (sep 2014)


Tumor bij zwangere vrouwen zonder risico behandeld (dutch)
Het Laatste Nieuws (sep 2014)

Chemo is minder schadelijk voor foetus dan alcohol (dutch)
Het Nieuwsblad (sep 2014)

Placenta beschermt tegen chemo (dutch)
NOS Journaal (sep 2014)

Interview with Prof. Dr. F. Amant with BBC World News (audio)
BBC World News (sep 2014)

Cancer During Pregnancy: Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are Safe for Babies, Studies Show
Presentations at ESMO 2014 examine the impact of in-utero exposure to chemotherapy and radiotherapy; the safety of lymph node biopsy in pregnancy; and the outcomes of unplanned pregnancy during cancer treatment

How exposure to a mother's cancer treatment during pregnancy impacts on the child
European School of Ocology e-grandround (PDF) in CancerWorld (September-October 2012)


Delivery from breast cancer
Article (PDF) in Nature (May 31, 2012)


Prof. dr. Amant on Effects of maternal chemotherapy on children
Video on (April 27, 2012) 2012

Evidence Suggests Pregnancies Can Survive Maternal Cancer Treatment
Article on The Oncology Report (April 12, 2012)

The Oncology Report

Chemotherapy exposure during pregnancy—good news
Research highlight (PDF) in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology (February 28, 2012)

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology

Frédéric Amant: leading the agenda on cancer in pregnancy
Profile article (PDF) in The Lancet (February 11, 2012)

The Oncology Report

Pregnancy in Cancer, Prof. dr. Amant talks about the research at Leuven (in Dutch)
Video on (January 27, 2012)

Video on YouTube

Prof. Frederic Amant, MD: Chemotherapy & Pregnancy
Video Interview with The Group Room on (October 29, 2011)

Video Interview with The Group Room

Prof. dr. Amant on Treating cancer during pregnancy
Video on (October 14, 2011) 2011

Chemotherapy appears safe in pregnancy: study
Press Release Reuters (September 27, 2011)
Press Release Bloomberg (September 27, 2011)

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