In our international registry where we collect clinical data from pregnant cancer patients, it appears that conception occurred after the cancer diagnosis in 3% of cases. These women conceived in the period of staging or during cancer treatment. Although we have now more options to treat cancer during pregnancy, it is still better to avoid pregnancy. Therefore, we advocate adequate contraception in young women recently diagnosed with cancer.

On Sunday 10 May 2015 we organised a Family Day for the families who are involved in our research project. We want to go beyond scientific research and clinical treatments. That is why we pay attention to our connection with the families and to their efforts to cope with the exceptional and emotional process of their pregnancy. 

New doctoral research confirms that chemotherapy is just as effective in pregnant women as it is in non-pregnant women. Drawing on insights from ten years of research and clinical work in the field, Frédéric Amant provided an overview of the state of the art at the ‘Cancer in Young Women’ international symposium in Leuven, Belgium on 5-6 February 2015.

Cancer During Pregnancy: Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are Safe for Babies, Studies Show

Presentations at ESMO 2014 examine the impact of in-utero exposure to chemotherapy and radiotherapy; the safety of lymph node biopsy in pregnancy; and the outcomes of unplanned pregnancy during cancer treatment. Complete article on the website of ESMO.

Prof. dr. Frederic Amant was interviewed by ecancer at the 2013 ESGO Meeting in Liverpool about a follow-up study on children whose mothers received chemotherapy during pregnancy.

The Journal of Clinical Oncology paper "Prognosis of Women With Primary Breast Cancer
Diagnosed During Pregnancy: Results From an International Collaborative Study" has been reported in The Lancet Oncology.

Reuters Health reports on study by Frédéric Amant and his team in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study reports findings that survival among women diagnosed with breast cancer when pregnant was comparable to that for non-pregnant women of reproductive age treated for breast cancer.

On December 13, Princess Mathilde of Belgium visited the Cancer in Pregnancy research team at UZ Leuven. She spoke to researchers and caregivers, toured the laboratory and met with seven mothers who have been through cancer during pregnancy.

On Friday November 29, an international meeting will be held on "Cancer & Pregancy" in Frankfurt, Ger

On September 16th, the Catholic University of Leuven, Dept. of Woman & Child, organized the Symposium 'Cancer during Pregnancy', framing in the Flemish League against Cancer Chair dedicated to the research project this year.