Fund for Research on Cancer in Pregnancy

Financial support

Cancer research is of vital importance. Gaining knowledge happens through fundamental, translational and clinical research. Apart from the expertise, vision and persistence of scientists and physicians, innovative projects also require substantial financial support.

You can support Prof. dr. Frédéric Amant and his team by making a financial contribution to the Fund for Research on Cancer in Pregnancy

Donations to the Fund can be made via bank transfer to the following account number: IBAN BE45 7340 1941 7789 (BIC: KREDBEBB) of KU Leuven, citing "Gift Prof. Amant - 400/0000/67131". KU Leuven is happy to issue tax receipt for donations of 40 euros and more.

What the Fund does

The Fund supports both the overall operations of the research group and its targeted activities related to specific studies on cancer in pregnancy being carried out within the group. The Fund also creates opportunities for researchers to gain professional, clinical and technical expertise, contributes to social projects for patients and provides relief to patients with special needs.

Your financial contribution to these efforts is a much-needed and much-appreciated.


“In the name of all the children yet to be born and all the mothers who will be lying awake at night fearing for their children, this research is nothing less than an inspiration. My son is the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet – with a zest for life and a personality that lights up the house.” Nadine, mother of Rodrik

“We had heard about the results published in a PhD dissertation by a young professor in Gasthuisberg. He had found that cancer treatment and pregnancy are not necessarily contradictory. The thought that we wouldn’t need to break off the pregnancy was a beacon. Professor Amant and his team are still monitoring for long-term effects, of course, but at the moment Marnix is perfectly normal, both mentally and physically. You wouldn’t be able to distinguish him from his classmates.” Andy, father of Marnix, husband of Lesley


Prof. dr. Frédéric Amant, + 32 16 34 42 73,, UZ Leuven, Herestraat 49, 3000 Leuven, Belgium.