Recent presentations in Athens, Chicago and Singapore - 14/12/2017

Dr. Jorine de Haan coordinated the interim analysis on ‘Cancer in Pregnancy – Management changes over 20 years’, which will be published in Lancet Oncology very soon. Due to the efforts of the International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy, data on 1173 patients with cancer during pregnancy were available for analysis. Where the manuscript of prof. Dr. Kristel Van Calsteren et al. (JCO, 2010) on 215 cases of cancer in pregnancy, showed an prematurity rate of 54,2%, this new analysis on the period 1996-2016 showed a decrease of prematurity. Also some important data on treatment and live birth were reported. To present this data, Prof. Frédéric Amant attended the Oncofertility Conference in Chicago and dr. Jorine de Haan held a lecture at the ESMO Asia Congress in Singapore.


On Nov 11th Dr. Alexander Volcke presented the ‘Creation of a Network for the fertility management of patients with neoplasia in Athens at the Scientific Congress Fertility and Neoplasia Patients. Recently the ESGO Taskforce ‘Fertility Preservation’ led by prof. Dominik Denschlag was incorporated in the ESGO International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy, led by prof. Frédéric Amant. The Fertility Preservation study, as an international multicentre prospective observational trial, is enrolled. The objective of this study is to record the incidence and oncological outcome when a fertility preserving cancer treatment is applied in young women and compare the oncological outcome with a control group. For more information, please contact